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About Us

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TONGQUAN glassesplastic board (shenzhen) co., LTD is a large Hong Kong sole-source investmententerprise, sharp base paper co., LTD in shenzhen is Hong Kong investment, the company specialized in the production ofpaper packaging. The company is located in shenzhen longgang district pinghutown male goose led village Dan ping road, self-purchased land area of 12000M2, self-built factory dormitory area of 20000 M2, total investment of morethan 3000, ten thousand Hong Kong dollars.

Series full professional rubber sheetproduct cellulose acetate glue board, we have advanced technology, excellentself developed equipment and high-quality team of professionals. Company for along time, depending on the product quality as the fundamental pursuit ofcontinuous innovation, continuous research and development ability ofascension. In recent years, the system is to expand all design team and enhanceservice awareness, research and development of the latest fashion offsetexpected, to meet customer quality requirements.



Customer witness/ 客户见证

The enterprise culture

"All for the enterprise, the enterprise for all" is our corporate culture. Our company and our staff are young and vigorous. I to work, solidarity, enterprising spirit, the commitment to not more than the pursuit of enterprise and the personal career development. The factory equipped with comfortable and staff living quarters, live entertainment facilities complete, all of our staff business life, enhance the cohesive affinity of the enterprise interior.

Transportation, warehousing center

The company has large transport fleet, the existing size 40 or 50 vehicles, and is managed by experienced professionals, can provide customers with quick and convenient service for 24 hours, closely linked with the customers. At the same time, a male with a storage capacity into tons of raw material storage center, established the raw materials procurement grid in all over the world at the same time, to meet the needs of different clients at any time.
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